Prime Time for School Zone Speeding Tickets in Nevada

This is one of top times that people get school zone speeding tickets in Southern Nevada, a ticket that no one who is on the receiving end of enjoys. Those 15 mile per hour zones can catch up with you quickly – a measly 45 miles per hour can land you reckless driving, and any speed at all if you don’t yield to a pedestrian in the crosswalk. With classes just started back up, now is when we see a lot of drivers ticketed for speeding in a school zone in Clark County for two main reasons. The first one is maybe the most obvious to many people: drivers forget. Following a nice summer of not having to bring it down to that crawling, mocking pace, drivers have a hard time initially remembering that the zones are in effect. The second reason is scheduling. Thousands upon thousands of parents have just had school drop off and pickup reintroduced into their schedules. That means extra people on the roadway running late and trying to make up for time, especially when they are the double late of tardy for drop off on top of for day job. Savvy Las Vegas drivers know to turn to to fight their school zone ticket online in Southern Nevada. It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s effective and it’s cheap.

According to spokespeople for the Las Vegas Metro Police, Traffic Division and the Nevada Highway Patrol, there are some particularly bad areas. As recounted to the excellent Road Warrior at the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Richard Velotta, some of the worst offenders for school zone speeding tickets in Las Vegas and the surrounding area are Cashman Middle School, Martin Middle School, Booker Elementary School and Sunrise Acres Elementary School.

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crosswalk Can Process Your Las Vegas School Zone Traffic Infraction

While Las Vegas elementary, secondary, primary, charter, middle and high schools have all been in session for nearly two months, many Las Vegas drivers have still not gotten accustomed to slowing their cars to 15 miles per hour in school zones. A recent interview with a crossing guard in Las Vegas illustrated just how little power over traffic these public servants have. School crossing guards cannot direct traffic and can only basically tell drivers to stop. The school crossing guards essentially have more responsibility over children crossing the street. The penalties for speeding in a school zone in Las Vegas can entail fines from $250 to $1000 and can even result in six months jail time.

Many of the violators of school zone speeding laws and those who perform unsafe u-turns, double parking and even jaywalking are parents who have either just picked up their student or are dropping him or her off. Spend any time near an elementary school and you will be less surprised that more people aren’t hurt. One of the factors that influence dangerous driving in Southern Nevada school zone are the sheer number of faculty, staff and students that are commuting to a school in the morning or leaving the school at the end of the day. Some Las Vegas elementary schools have over 700 students. Middle schools and high schools can get even bigger with up to 1600 students in attendance. If you have been ticketed for Las Vegas reckless driving, log onto today. is Las Vegas premiere ticket processing website. For many traffic infractions, can process your Las Vegas speeding ticket online, without time consuming visits to the Clark County traffic court. Our Las Vegas traffic attorneys are also available for more complicated cases like repeated DUI. We also represent those who aren’t from Las Vegas or the rest of Nevada and can process tickets people get while on vacation. We also offer online traffic school for those who want to finish their sentence completely online.


Las Vegas traffic tickets have drivers singing the Back-to-School blues

For those of us lucky enough to count ourselves among the ranks of the fully employed, each week comes and goes much like the last: the week winds down, we spend the weekend catching up on sleep or projects or relaxation, and then Monday comes. Week after week, month after month, our routines do not change much and we even learn which intersections demand cautious driving to prevent the issuance of Las Vegas red light tickets.

But this week began with surprises for some Nevada drivers lulled into a daze by the hot summer days of the last few months. Those of us trying to beat the heat and get from home to work as quickly as possible may have begun leaving later and later with the passing weeks and making up for our tardiness with a little extra accelerator action on the streets. This may have served us well through most of the summer, but this Monday marked the first day of school for most Nevada public school students. And with that all those cobwebby School Zone signs have sprung to life, their yellow lights flashing lethargically in the morning sun. They are easy to overlook…until you are pulled over for a Las Vegas school zone ticket.

Even above and beyond the normal financial and insurance penalties of a Las Vegas speeding ticket, an infraction in a school or construction zone carries heavier penalties and more scrutiny from your insurer. Violations that might go unnoticed under other circumstances are prosecuted with extra zeal around this time of year as public safety officials attempt to cultivate a culture of deference for school zones in order to promote the safety of the children.

This time of year is not the right season to test the limits of Las Vegas traffic laws. If you need to fix a Las Vegas ticket online, there’s no easier way to do it than by uploading your citation data for our experienced Las Vegas traffic citation lawyer to handle for you while you get on with your life. Call or click today.