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58 People Arrested For Las Vegas DUI on New Year’s Eve

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58 People Arrested For Las Vegas DUI on New Year’s Eve

It’s 2013 and the city of Las Vegas and the rest of Southern Nevada have yet again survived another raucous celebration of the end of a year, with over 300,000 people having a great time, vowing to come back next year. Unfortunately, for 16 people arrested on December 31st,  the celebration was not as positive as it was for everyone else. Those people were all arrested before midnight on New Year’s Eve. The majority of people celebrating the New Year on the strip and Fremont St. were peaceful, however, a number were arrested for Las Vegas assault and battery and domestic violence. This year’s arrest total of 16 was significantly down from last year’s total of 23.

On New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Police arrested 10 people for Las Vegas DUIs. An additional individual received a Las Vegas traffic ticket for an unnamed traffic violation. Nevada Highway Patrol pulled over 615 people on New Years Eve and arrested 48 individuals for driving while intoxicated in Las Vegas. Nevada Highway Patrol also assisted 65 people whose cars had broken down on New Year’s Eve. If you have been arrested for a DUI in Nevada on New Year’s Eve or any other day, log onto today and begin the process of fighting or fixing your citation. is an online ticket processing site developed in conjunction with Clark County Traffic Court. Our site and attorneys can work with anyone who gets a DUI citation in Southern Nevada. Our website and Las Vegas traffic attorneys are available to anyone who has been ticketed in Southern Nevada, such as people from Las Vegas, the rest of Southern Nevada, other parts of the Silver State, other states in the USA and even international tourists to Las Vegas. Our one stop shop also provides online traffic school! In addition to DUIs, our site can also help you fight or fix a Las Vegas speeding ticket, a ticket for running a stop sign in Las Vegas or a citation for talking on your cell phone while driving.

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