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What is the real cost of a Nevada traffic citation?

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What is the real cost of a Nevada traffic citation?

As the Nevada Highway Patrol officer returns to the patrol car and drives away, you are left wallowing in regret and staring at the traffic ticket in your hand. The most common reaction among Nevada drivers is to focus on the dollar amount indicated on the ticket for the alleged traffic infraction: some drivers try to wrap their minds around the number of meals or gallons of gas this represents; others calculate the number of overtime hours at work that will have to be spent to overcome the cost. But as it turns out, the explicit costs may not be the only financial burdens of a Las Vegas traffic citation.

A little-known fact is that most auto insurance companies will increase a driver’s premium in the aftermath of a Nevada traffic ticket. If this doesn’t make sense, think of it this way: insurers provide coverage to thousands upon thousands of customers, and at present only a handful of them make any effort to get a snapshot of how a motorist actually drives. To compensate for this lack of information, the insurance companies put a lot of weight on a driver’s age and driving record. Another example of insurers relying heavily on seemingly irrelevant data is the “good student discount,” whereby a high-school or college student with good academic grades is given a break on insurance premium. These factors are not rock-solid predictors of a driver’s riskiness, but they are among the best approximations available to insurers. When you think of it that way, it does make intuitive sense — a motorist with a handful of Las Vegas reckless driving citations is probably someone who drives too fast too often, and any insurance company would choose to ask for a few more premium dollars from such a driver.

But as it turns out, a ticket can result in more than just a nominal increase in premiums. Say that your insurance company finds out about your Clark County speeding ticket a few weeks after it is issued and your fine is paid. You might get a letter in the mail informing you that this infraction is going to result in an increase in your monthly premium. If you have average auto insurance for the state of Nevada, you pay about $100 per month. Let’s say that your traffic infraction boosts your monthly premium to $115. Sounds like a bummer, but no deal breaker, right? You have to remember that this infraction may remain on your driving record for five to seven years. When you consider that long timeframe, a ticket could easily cost $1000 over the duration of its presence on your driving record.

Because of this harsh regime, many drivers seek to beat their Nevada traffic tickets in court. The idea is right, but fighting a ticket isn’t free either. In many cases a motorist has to take time off from work or another important engagement, drive to the courthouse, find parking, wait and wait until his or her case is up for consideration, and then hope that the judge does anything other than uphold the ticket. Faced with this ugly prospect, many savvy drivers choose a third, better option: they hire an experienced Las Vegas traffic ticket attorney to handle their case for them. A successful outcome pays for itself in just months with avoided insurance premium increases, and our 100% online system allows drivers to fix a ticket from home!

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